Tutor Hunt is a website devoted to assisting people who are tutors or who want to become tutors. A tutor is someone who is assisting another person to learn the basics or advanced concepts of a certain subject. Tutors can be found for mathematics, creative writing, languages, history, psychology, sociology, business writing, technical writing, and many other subjects.

Tutors can be found at all levels of education, from elementary school through masters and doctoral programs.

There are several things to consider before becoming a tutor. Are you a good teacher, are you patient with others, can you explain difficult concepts so that others can understand them?

One of the major things to understand about being a tutor is that it isn’t just your knowledge of the subject that makes you a good tutor.

You need to be patient with other people as well as being a good teacher. Just because a certain subject is easy for you doesn’t mean that it is easy for the person you are tutoring.  Treating them poorly or acting impatient with them because they seem to be or are having a hard time understanding simple (to you) concepts will lead to them finding another tutor, one that is seen as being nicer to them and more patient with their perceived weaknesses.

This doesn’t mean that you should continue to tutor them if they are simply not putting in the time and effort that it takes to learn the subject at hand; it just means that you should understand their skill level in the subject at the beginning and teach from their skill level, not yours. The hope is to help them achieve a passing grade in the subject as well as improve their skills in the subject (a side benefit may be that their overall study skills may be improved by the tutoring experience).

Online tutoring is convenient for both parties, as neither party is required to travel to partake of the tutoring experience. All that is needed is computer, internet access, and a willingness to learn and/or teach.

Online tutoring can also be cheaper than offline tutoring, depending on the site fee structure and the amount of tutoring needed.  University and college tutors may be charging an hourly fee because they are employed by the university/college themselves, and are required to charge the state or federal minimum wage in their locality for their services.

A reputable online tutoring site will tell the student about the strengths of the tutor, and will attempt to match the tutor to the student.  It is helpful if the tutor and the student have some interests in common (for example, football, cooking, bowling) in addition to the subject matter. This is important because the tutor and student will be interacting one-on-one for a certain period of time and it just makes it more pleasant to be able to take a quick break to talk about something other than the subject at hand (particularly if the student is getting frustrated or the material is quite difficult).