Privacy Policy


We would like our site to be a professional and friendly place where people can come together and enjoy a refreshing and focused learning experience.  We are aware that the privacy of personal information can be a delicate area. Nobody wants their information to be used in ways that would harm them in anyway.

We have set out to outline the most common issues with privacy in this document, but we believe it will change and adapt as we do.

Personal Details will collate information about you and the way you use the site.  The data collected will include most of the personal details you used to register such as your name, address and other contact information, age, sex, etc.  We will also gather data on user’s history such as patterns of use and any other related information that we think will help us to deliver the best service. will not present your personal information to a third party voluntarily or for profit.  We must make it clear that if there have been reports or evidence of illegal activity or misuse on the site, we will surrender any information required to the appropriate authorities.

We reserve the right to use any details including videos and the information used during a tutorial.

Conduct takes the safety of its users and their personal data very seriously and we will take action against anybody who attempts to use the data in a way that may seem malicious, illegal, and dishonest.  Anybody found to be misusing the data on this site or displaying behaviour that may be deemed as bullying will be banned.

Changes to the policy reserves the right to adjust the privacy policy at any given time.  All significant changes will be emailed to all users prior to the change going ahead

Questions and feedback

If you have any questions and/or feedback regarding this privacy policy please feel free to contact us.